10 Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

Pregnancy for the first time is going to be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Not only is the first-time-mom-to-be going to worry about what she should or should not do during her pregnancy. However, she is going to worry about how to properly prepare for the baby coming in 9 short months from when she found out she was pregnant. She will be worrying about anything that goes beyond the name that she and the partner will choose for the baby. She will be concerned about how she will manage motherhood.

The best advice for any pregnant first-time-mom-to-be is to take things at one step at a time. She will need to focus on making her pregnancy manageable and utilize tips as well. Let’s now go over 10 pregnancy tips for first-time-moms right now!

  1. Take It Easy On The Maternity Clothes – The moment any first-time-mom discovers that she is pregnant, she may be ready to whip out her credit card and start shopping for maternity clothes. The truth is, she needs to put her credit card back into her wallet because maternity clothing is very expensive. And, there are plenty of hacks for her to utilize such as creating maternity jeans herself by cutting the zippered part of it, and by putting a band over the jeans. She will also not want to spend money on maternity bras because they are expensive, and she can use bra extenders instead! She can even buy plus-size shirts or sweatshirts instead of maternity shirts because believe it or not, they are cheaper.
  2. Eat Small And Bland Meals Throughout The Day To Combat Nausea – Morning sickness is not a fun pregnancy symptom to experience and most women do experience it in some form or another. The best way to make this awful symptom manageable is by eating small and bland meals throughout the day to keep the stomach full and to keep the blood sugar levels up. Examples are toast, crackers, chicken soups, applesauce, as well as protein-rich foods. Also, carry ginger candies and crackers around as those will help combat nausea.
  3. Don’t Stay Silent About Concerning Symptoms – If the mom-to-be has a lot of pain that does not seem normal, or if she has uncontrollable nausea to the point that eating blandly throughout the day is not giving relief. And, as a result, she is getting dehydrated, then she must talk to her doctor right away because there could be a serious situation coming into play. The bottom line is if she is having terrible pregnancy symptoms that seem to be too extreme to be normal, then she cannot stay silent! The same applies to uncontrollable depressive or anxiety symptoms. She will need medical attention.
  4. Stay Away From Google – Google is a great source of information such as learning about pregnancy tips or finding baby-naming inspiration. However, it is a bad idea to look up the meaning behind any pregnancy symptom because that can cause her brain to start playing worst-case scenario scenes which will only trigger anxiety and ruin any enjoyment that she would have about being pregnant.
  5. Put A Support Tank And A Body Pillow On The Shopping List – It was already said to save money when it came to buying maternity clothes. However, when it comes to getting a pregnancy body pillow and a support tank top, that is when it is an appropriate time to whip out the credit card. The body pillow will give mom’s body the comfort and support while she is laying in bed, and the support tank will support some of the weight from the expanding baby bump and take the weight off of the hips.
  6. Exercise Is Important To Do – Back in the old days, pregnant women were told not to exercise because it was dangerous for the baby. However, things have come a long way, and studies conducted have shown that exercise is essential during pregnancy unless there are complications that prevent that. That does not mean it is appropriate to run marathons, but doing light aerobics and taking brisk walks are great forms of prenatal exercises. It helps keep mom fit and prepares her better for labor.
  7. Don’t Literally Eat For Two – In the first trimester, the appetite will likely be off or minimal. However, after 14 weeks, the symptoms start dying down and the appetite reappears. But be careful! Don’t take the term eating for two literally because eating too much can cause excessive weight gain. That only increases the chances of some pregnancy-related complications. All that is needed per day in the first trimester is 1,800 calories, and 2,200 calories each day in the second trimester, and 2,400 calories in the third trimester which is not eating for two. And it is okay to give into a sugary or fatty craving once a week and in moderation only.
  8. Don’t Tell The World Once You Find Out That You Are Pregnant – This is completely up to the mom but it is not advisable to make public posts on Facebook or Instagram about being pregnant until mom is in the second trimester. This does not mean to assume anything will go wrong, but only tell a few trusted group of friends before that.
  9. Choose A Practitioner Carefully – Mom must only choose a practitioner that makes her feel comfortable and supported! That is because the last thing she would want is having an unsupportive and non-compassionate practitioner treat her during the pregnancy and delivering the baby!
  10. Never Ignore Instincts – The one thing is that any first-time-mom-to-be may be bombarded with so much information to the point that she could be ignoring her own intuition if she feels something is not right. If that is the case, forget the information and go with the intuition because the intuition never lies, and have it addressed right away.

With these 10 tips of pregnancy for first-time-moms, this will help them gain an understanding of how they can manage and deal with their pregnancies. And, also allow them to save money on items that are not necessary and invest in pregnancy-related items that are. If you are a first-time-mom-to-be that found out about the pregnancy recently, good luck with everything and make the best use of these tips!


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