Halova Multifunction Diaper Backpack Review

When it comes to traveling with a baby, a lot of planning and organization has to take place. One of the most essential things to make this possible is a diaper backpack. In this article, we are going to look at one of the best diaper backpacks in the market and see if it’s great for you.

A diaper backpack is single-handedly the most important tool you need when traveling with your baby. This is because when it comes to traveling with a baby, a lot of planning and organization has to take place and one of the most essential things to make this possible is a diaper backpack. Diaper backpacks have been built with the parent’s comfort and space as the ultimate priorities. Some argue that a normal backpack would do just fine, but this cannot be further away from the truth. While normal backpacks may be spacious, they are not divided into compartments neither are they designed for long hours of use. When it comes to the baby’s bag, there is no other better option other than a diaper backpack.

Features of the Halova Multifunction Diaper Backpack

Among the best diaper backpacks in the market today is the Halova backpack. It is a wonderful diaper bag that guarantees the parent’s comfort. This bag has lots of room and has been compartmentalized to make organization and traveling with your little one convenient and easy. The Halova backpack is known for its lovely playful and babyish design. It comes in seven bright colors that add to this design they went for. The colors include: Blue Flower, Pink bear, Camouflage Pink, dark gray, light gray, yellow and camo (camouflage). As you can see from the color selection, the design is quite colorful and playful. However some colors are dull and plain such as the camo and grey colors, and this was done intentionally to make the bag unisex for use. It is ideal for both mommy and daddy which is a nice perk.

With that said, the following are some of the best and most unique features of the Halova Diaper bag.

It is washable in water

The Halova is also one hundred percent washable in water. It is built from tough synthetic material that can be scrubbed gently when cleaning. The bag also does not discolor and the material does not wear due to washing. Everything in the bag can be cleaned in water including the inner and outer pockets. Many users have said and proven that there is minimal risk of tearing or any other type of damage.

It is made from very light material, almost weightless

But perhaps the best feature of the Halova is the light weight design they implemented. Despite having lots of room, the bag is light and almost weightless. The material used are light as well as durable. This light design guarantees that the parent is comfortable and does not struggle much to carry it.

It features a separate back pocket for easy access of items at the bottom

The Halova Diaper bag has a featured separate back pocket that allows you to easily get items from the bottom of the backpack. This heavily improves access and convenience of getting items from the bottom. We know how irritating it can be to unpack clothes as we try to reach for something that’s at the bottom of the bag. With this pocket, you will not have to disarrange and empty your whole bag to find something at the bottom.

The Halova Backpack is divided into spacious compartments

This bag is also divided into very spacious compartments. These compartments are large enough for all the baby’s essential with even some extra space remaining. Some compartments are uniquely shaped to hold specific items. For instance, the milk bottle compartment is small and round in shape to hold the bottle in place. It also has an elastic band at the top to hold the bottle upright. The many compartments of the Halova also allow for easier access of items and makes it easier for the parent to find stuff instead of tearing the whole thing open to find something.

The pockets are well insulated to hold milk bottles and other foodstuffs

Another great feature of this backpack is that the front pocket is insulated to prevent heat from escaping. This is the pocket that you would use for the milk bottle or light foods that the baby may need. You can even throw in your own food in there because after all, it is your bag. However, do not leave the milk or food in there for too long as the insulation only keeps the warmth for a short time.

Readily available on online shops such as Amazon

The Halova is available on almost all online stores and at your nearest local baby product dealer. It is also very affordable and offers great value for money.

The following are the pros and cons of the Halova Bag


  • The Halova is made and designed from light and almost weightless material to reduce the stress on the parent carrying it
  • It is quite very affordable and offers great value for money.
  • There is a pocket at the back of this bag to reach items that may be too far and too low to access from the main pocket
  • The Halova has a wonderful and playful design that instantly lets people know it’s a baby’s bag
  • The pockets are insulated for keeping the milk or other foodstuffs warm


  • The Halova diaper backpack has small straps that may be difficult for some people to fit inside


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The Halova Multifunction Diaper Backpack is a great choice for any parent looking for a cheap backpack that still performs its functions up to par. It is also adorable in its design and provides great versatility. With its price tag and value for money, it can be considered one of the most balanced backpacks in the market.

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