How to store diapers in diaper bag

If you are having a new baby come into the fold, you are probably worried that your life will be a mess for some time. Babies bring plenty of unfamiliar territory, especially when you are a new mother and trying to learn the ropes of so many things, while making adjustments to your life and how you do things – such as organizing a diaper bag.

You have to learn how to swaddle the baby properly, keep track of new supplies, and pack a diaper bag – but how do you store diapers here, exactly? Especially when the diaper bag needs to have other things close by? How do you arrange it and store everything without it being a mess?

Many moms overlook the benefits of having an organized diaper bag, even though it should be your best friend by the time the baby comes along until their potty training days – and in some cases, even after. If you are searching for some useful tips to help you out when organizing your diapers in this essential bag, feel free to read on.

Tips to help you stay organized

Start with the smaller items

Diaper bags are great because of their upgraded storage, which you will not find in other bag types. However, all the small pockets it has can be prone to disorganization if you just throw stuff in there and hope for the best – so it is important to keep it organized.

You can always start small when it comes to organizing your diapers and any other items that you are carrying around. For instance, it is always a great suggestion to check out your local dollar store and pick up small storage pouches, which are particularly helpful when you need to pack extra diapers.

These will also be useful when you are packing other items such as medication, packs of tissue, bandages, and even accessories such as breast pumps and thermometers. Once you find a small compartment that works for you, all the rest will get easier as you go along.

Pack extra for messy situations

One of the reasons babies can become overwhelming is their messiness – they have no idea, and you are constantly frustrated or stressed. Save yourself some trouble and pack extra items for your baby – even when going for a short trip to the grocery store or visiting neighbors. It is also important to have a specific compartment that will hold any soiled clothes or accessories, or even diapers (since you might not always have the chance to throw them away after changing the baby).

Other than having a specific compartment for these items, make sure you purchase a wet bag as well. This will hold onto all these items, until you can deal with them later.

Go with ‘sample sizes’ of items

You will not need to bring full-size items all the time, unless you and baby will be away from home for some days. Therefore, in this instance you can afford to pack smaller amounts of items, whether it is the diapers, clothes, baby oil, powder, baby wipes, and so on.

Keep the diapers easily accessible

The diapers should be the major focus, then the other items after – so aim to ensure they are accessible. If you are unsure of how many to pack, you can use the general rule of having at least one diaper for every hour you will be away from home, and if your baby is sick, you can add an extra one.

Buy extra inserts

Are you stuck with a diaper bag that is too small for your needs? For instance, when you have twins and you need to carry double numbers of items?

Well, there is no rule in place that states you cannot purchase extra inserts.

Keep these additional components on a ring, which you can attach to the bag exterior or interior, whatever works for you. This will help you stay organized, regardless of where you are going or what you are doing.

How can I organize my diaper bag?

Start with the diapers

Begin your organization by placing the diapers first, and stack them sideways to save on space while packing more. Arrange them in such a way that it is easy to remove them when needed – especially placing them with the middle facing up.

Arrange the diapers on one side for easier retrieval, and to allow you to arrange other items such as clothes, bibs, and baby oil.

Use the side pockets to place the diaper cream and wipes

Many if not all, diaper bags, will gave smaller zipper pockets either on their outer part or inner parts. These pockets are great for storing items such as cream and diaper wipes as well.

If the bag itself does not have side pockets, then you can use a smaller bag to store the items. Always keep it next to the diapers in the diaper bag, or keep it inside the diaper bag.

Roll the clothes and place them next to the diapers

Rolling the clothes will make them occupy a smaller space, prevent them from creasing, and make them easy to pull out. You can place all the clothes in a resalable bag then squeeze out the air, and then tuck the bag containing the clothes next to the diaper stack. You can also use these re-sealable bags to store your baby’s soiled clothes after changing them.

Slide the changing pad against on one side

Fold the changing pad, then slide it to one side of the diaper bag. Aim to place it flush against the inside of the bag, which will prevent it from getting lost at the bottom.

Final thoughts

Keeping your baby’s items and diapers in a diaper bag might seem daunting, but it is essential to keep everything organized for your days out with baby and to help you stay sane. The diapers are the most essential component, so make sure to keep them organized and arrange everything else around them, keeping all things accessible and easy to reach.


What are diaper bags?

These are simply organizers for your baby’s items. It will give you all you need to go around with your baby while helping you stay organized.

How big are diaper bags?

The size will depend on the items you want to carry. A small one will be enough for a few items, while a backpack or duffle bag will be great if you are planning on carrying extra items for the baby and yourself.

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